Why Sell?

Whether you want to trade in your small, monthly royalty checks for a large, lump-sum payment or you want to minimize your financial risk, there are a lot of compelling reasons to sell.


    You’ve worked hard your whole life, so why not use your mineral interest proceeds to help you retire? When you sell, you can use the lump-sum payment to enjoy your new-found time, as well as enjoy tax advantages and simplify your finances.

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    Education for Your Family

    You might not be able to pay the tuition, boarding and books with those monthly royalty checks, but a lump-sum payment could make a dent in those bills.

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    Selling can give you the cash flow to seize a new business opportunity, diversify your portfolio and simplify taxes.

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About Us

When you work with us, you’re joining the more than 30,000 mineral owners who also chose our same process. Our experts will work directly with you—in person, if possible—to help you through the process. In addition, we have a team of in-house geologists and engineers who will create a detailed, accurate valuation so you understand what your interest is worth. And because we have solid financial funding, we can close quickly and efficiently.

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How Does It Work?

Our process is quick, easy and personal. Just request an offer and we’ll give you a call to discuss. Then we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis and give you an offer. Once you accept, we’ll bring you the payment in person. It’s that simple.

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